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DeafVision Web Hosting
What Our Customers are Saying... DeafVision Web Hosting

Stunning Level of Customer Service

What sets DeafVision apart not only from other hosting companies, but the majority of companies of ANY kind is their stunning level of customer service. I've had my support request e-mails answered at all hours of the day and night, and they never fail to help me figure out my problems and support my issues. After spending literally hours on the phone with my cable modem service provider, I'm convinced that DeafVision could become an even bigger company by teaching others how to provide top-notch tech support. Combined with hosting services that are as good, reliable and flexible as any out there, DeafVision is the best I've found. I've recommended friends and colleagues to them without hesitation.

David Paul Green
Passamonte Lighting Design
Valencia, CA

A Company that Cares

I have been a DeafVision customer since 1997 and have received nothing but outstanding service and customer support. I highly recommend them to anyone who is seeking a professional web host who truly cares about its customers.

Barbara Burdick
Deaf Woman Network
Vancouver, Canada

Outstanding Web Hosting Company!

I'm not a deaf person, nor do I know any deaf people. While in search of a new web hosting company, I came across DeafVision, liked their prices and decided to give them a try. I've now been with the company for three years and have been very satisfied with the service I have received. Of all the companies I have hosted with in the past, DeafVision is by far the best. Their reliability, quick response time and personalized customer service has blown me away! Outstanding!

Brock Garrett
San Francisco, CA

Web Hosting Perfection? PAH!

I started with DeafVision several years ago. Hosting my site, EDEN - The Electronic Deaf Education Network, with a Deaf owned company just made sense. Since then, I have created four other sites in the hearing loss field and wouldn't consider hosting them anywhere else!

Great communication and friendly customer service on top of better than 99% uptime? Who could ask for anything more?

I just can't say enough good things about these folks!

Brad Ingrao, MSEd, CCC-A, FAAA
Webmaster for Tobias & Battite Hearing Healthcare Centers
Boston, MA

Exemplary Service

DeafVision is truly an exemplary service company of this New Economy...

- The customer service is always pleasant, professional, and reliable;
- The support team is lightning fast, resourceful, and always helpful;
- The rates in general are very competitive;
- The services and equipment are cutting-edge;
- The company is socially aware, as it is more than accommodating to non-profit organizations.

For all these reasons, I highly recommend DeafVision for all your Web design and hosting needs.

Vincent Leger
Internet Strategist and Technology Consultant
Author, "Marketer's Guide to E-Commerce"
San Francisco, CA

Wouldn't Switch for Anything!

The Deaf Dog Education Action Fund website has been hosted by DeafVision almost since our inception in 1997. We have been very happy with the service and wouldn't switch for anything. As a new organization we had to get up to speed on this whole website thing pretty fast and I felt like I was always bugging the DeafVision tech support staff. Not only did they not act like I was bugging them, they would answer my questions and then check in with me a few days later to make sure everything was alright. I'm sure that if they lived near me they would have asked me over for tea. I don't bug them nearly as much now as I used to but I know they aren't sitting around at their meetings saying "Whew, glad that Deaf Dog woman is out of the picture". I recommend them highly.

Holly Newstead, CI, CT
Deaf Dog Education Action Fund

Personal Touch

I'm a hearing customer with two non-deaf related websites hosted by DeafVision. The sites are incredibly stable, and I've had a great relationship with DeafVision's customer service and tech support. The cost is competitive, but it's the personal touch that I really appreciate.

Stefan Lynch
San Francisco, CA

Great people!!!

Tech support at DeafVision is wonderful! Particularly Drago. He's available at the oddest times, and very helpful!!! He went above and beyond, and solved a problem that many of my computer whiz friends could not!!! I recommend DeafVision to all my friends who need a real web host! Particularly those in the Deaf community. Thanks Drago and all the DeafVision staff!

Susie McGee
Arkansas Association of the Deaf

Superior Service

After having gone through the nightmare of other hosts, working with DeafVision has been a dream. We have had almost no problems with our site or our email since we switched over in early '04. Any problems we've had (most of which have been the result of our own lack of knowledge) have been resolved quickly, efficiently, and professionally.

We couldn't ask for a better service and can't imagine switching companies. Thanks DeafVision!

Chris Daley
Transgender Law Center
San Francisco, CA

The Best Host Around

DeafVision is one of the most powerful hosting agencies that you would ever need. My website has never been down and should I inquire about server status, DeafVision is on the job. Customer support has a strong record of answering my questions with quick and clear answers. The one thing that has most impressed me with DeafVision is its interactivity with its clients. Never before did I receive a personalize response to my inquiries rather than the typical three-paragraph automated response. When it comes to visitors or my customers, I have never had a case of a "server not found" complaint. DeafVision is the best host and I should know, I have four websites with them!

Gary Wolford
Deaf Health Network
Baltimore, MD

Unlike Other Web Hosts

This is my second website with DeafVision, and I have always received excellent service from DeafVision staff! What I most appreciate is the FAST and personal response I always receive from DeafVision support, very much unlike any other web host I've worked with in the past. I had no hesitation in picking DeafVision to host my newest website, and the same goes for recommending DeafVision to others.

Josh Mendelsohn, Attorney
Washington, D.C.

Highly Recommended

I run a nonprofit educational organization, which sponsors the Deaf Action Committee for SignWriting (the DAC).

Back in 1996, I started our first web site, the SignWritingSite. Now we have four related sites, and together they make up some 800 web pages all linked together. So my sites can be complicated at times.

Back in 1996, I did not know about DeafVision. I wish I had!

Why? Because moving our four web sites to DeafVision in 1999 was the best thing I ever did!

They have given me excellent service, and I know I can always count of them.

First, they will answer your email quickly. I am VERY impressed with their quick response time.

Second, they respect the problems that nonprofit organizations experience.

Third, their prices are excellent and I always feel like I have received much more than I paid for.

Fourth, they are available to hire as web designers. I like that very much, because sometimes I need to turn to a professional to help me. I know they know me, and that they will do a good job for me.

And fifth, and most important, I am proud to support a Deaf-owned business. That means the world to me.

Please feel free to write to me anytime, if you would like to know more about DeafVision. I would like to share the good news ;-))

Valerie Sutton
Deaf Action Committee for SignWriting
La Jolla, CA

Superior Customer Service

I like supporting a "Deaf Company" but it is the customer service that keeps me with DeafVision.

Samantha Terzis
Executive Director
Gate Communications
Nashville, TN

Proud to Support a Small Business

I've hosted my business web site and email with DeafVision for a number of years and have been very impressed with their fast responses and amazing customer support. Even more impressive has been the reliability of their servers. My web site has enjoyed 100% uptime.

As a small business owner, it always gives me pride to be able to support other small businesses. Especially those like DeafVision that are socially aware and committed to giving back to the community.

DeafVision is a rock solid company. They are talented and experienced system administrators and web developers who know their stuff. If your web site and email are important to you, you can't go wrong with DeafVision.

Dion Manley, Jeweler
Dion Manley Custom Design
Columbus, OH

Web Hosting Nightmare

I learned about DeafVision from a friend who told me their services were excellent. So I decided to host my first web site with them. DeafVision turned out to be everything my friend told me it was. Professional, reliable, great features and service for a really great price.

After a year of hosting with DeafVision, I was curious to try some other web hosting companies that I had heard about. So I transferred my web site. Some of these other web hosting companies had cheaper prices. I quickly learned the reason why people say "you get what you pay for." I had non-stop problems with these other web hosts. Servers would go down often. I found they didn't back-up their servers regularly and I lost a lot of important e-mail. It often took days to get a response to my technical support questions, and one web host took exactly 24 days to respond to a simple tech support question. Another company claimed to offer certain features like FrontPage, and then after I joined, I found these features didn't exist and were "coming soon". This same company also overcharged me three times the amount of what was due. Another company I hosted with was run by a 17-year-old boy who was reselling hosting for a bigger company as a hobby. I won't even get started on the problems I had with this web host!

So as you can imagine, these other web hosting experiences were quite a nightmare. It is a relief to be back with DeafVision. They are a professional web host that I know I can trust with my web site and e-mail. I also know that I can always expect a prompt response from them about any questions I may have about my account. They have never let me down. DeafVision is one of a kind!

J. Fernandez
Houston, TX

DeafVision Goes the Extra Mile

I've been with DeafVision for over two years to manage my e-mail accounts. Their servers have not been down, not even once. Many e-mail servers I've dealt with, especially with major ISP companies, have been down quite often which is very annoying to me. I rely on e-mails for all my communication needs.

One time I encountered a problem accessing one of my e-mail accounts with DeafVision, which was my fault, they tried to find a solution on a major holiday. They even moved my e-mail contents to a temporary mailbox so that I could access those messages. I don't think any other company would even go this far.

They have excellent customer service and support. I wish I had discovered this fabulous service many years ago!

Keep up the wonderful work, DeafVision!

A satisfied DeafVision customer,
Billy "Zookie" Barr
Los Angeles, CA

Wonderful to Work With

DeafVision is a great host for our site. Not only are their rates more than competitive, they go above and beyond with the personalized services they offer. They have provided technical support to us on countless occasions, with patience, professionalism and courtesy. They have also gone above and beyond by helping with technical questions that had nothing to do with their server.

They have been wonderful to work with and we are proud and to have them host our site.

Thanks so much!

Stephanie Feyne
New York City Metro RID


The customer support of DeafVision is beyond great. I was having a problem on Christmas Day and dutifully sent in my query to customer support, not expecting to hear back for a few days. Instead, I got a helpful customer support rep who helped me solve the problem (which was on my end). Immediate help on Christmas Day--priceless!

Samuel Laurie
Transgender Awareness Training and Advocacy
Hinesburg, VT

DeafVision Takes the Fear out of Web Hosting

I've just signed up my third client for web hosting with DeafVision. As a web designer for a deaf-related site, I was intrigued by doing business with a Deaf minority owned company. I visited their website and found answers to my questions already posted! Most internet businesses in my experience are coy about their pricing and level of service. I e-mailed some questions, and to my surprise and delight, my questions were (and are always) answered fully right away. My second and third clients are not deaf-related.

DeafVision is simply the best out there! They deliver what they promise. Their website is clear and informative, their services are extraordinary, and their people are friendly and helpful. DeafVision's professionals take the fear out of every level of web hosting. I'm waving both hands in the air in a giant round of applause!

Kenette Gfeller, Web Designer
Arachnid Architecture
Quartz Hill, CA
DeafVision Web Hosting
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