POEM #2: Jan.28/97
wrote by Michelle Bourgeois

Her Hands

While I lay there
With my eyes closed,
I start to feel the warmth
Of her hands on my face.

Her fingers slide around
My ears, cupping my head.
I can feel her leaning closer
And closer while her hands
Traced my face.

My hands held her,
Touched her soft, scented hair.

My eyes are still closed,
But I can feel her
Breathing on my neck.
Her lips touched tenderly,
While mine touched
Her beautiful brown hair.

She leaned back, hugged me
Tightly while I felt her lips on mine;
Her chest against mine.

I can feel her smiling while she
Kisses me and in return I smile as I kiss her.

Her hands held mine-
Never did I feel so fine.

submit by Michelle Bourgeois